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French Flour

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What is French Flour?

French Flours are categorised and classified based on the capacity of ash (or residual mineral content) in the flour per 100 grams. The number is determined by the exact weight in grams of ash.

A French law regulating the grading of flour on the basis of how much ash content is in it has been in effect since 1 October 1963.

There are numerous flours on hand within each range and each form is treated not as a solitary type of flour but as a class of flour.

Type of French Flour?

The type is purely as an indication of how white the flour and what the flour can be best used for. The flour that is used for bread is generally Type 55 but there are not just one type of flour called Type 55, there are many. This is why you will also find Type 55 flour used to make crusty bread, country bread, French baguettes and for crepes.

French Flour Range:

Mie Blanche Flour, Mie Creme, Baguepi flour, BelEpi Flour, Meule Lauriou Flour, Baguepi Fleuriane, MS Pro SELECTION Flour, MS Pro TRADITION Flour, PoussPlus Flour, Baguepi Talmiere bread.

Savoureux Mix, Campagne, Cretan, Fermiot, Figy Mix, Melior Bavarian Rye, Melior Boulange, Melior Briard, Melior Dark Rye, Melior Farmer, Melior Rustic, Melior Rye, Melior Woodbread, Pain a la Coupe, Gruel Flours, Baguepi PleinEpi, Baguepi Milepi, Melior 12 cereals; seeds, Melior Bran Bread, Melior Crushed wheat, Melior Honey bread.

Sponge Cake, Brioche Butter, Buttered Confectionery, Fine Buttered Brioche, Soft Cake, Melior Croissant – T55, Melior Puff Pastry flour, Melior Viennese tradition, Pastry Flours – T45.

Pure biological wheat flours: Biological Lauriou wholewheat flour, Biological cream Lauriou flour, Biological greyish Lauriou flour.

Melior Gustepi, Melior Plus – Viennese, Melior Plus – Direct, Melior Plus – Enhancer, Melior Plus – Froid, Melior Plus – Softener.

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